The Original Rolykit

"The original": The Rolykit Toolbox

Between the launch of this product in 1979 and now, more than 8 million pieces have been sold worldwide. The ROLYKIT toolbox is manufactered of strong, high impact polystyrene and has numerous possibilities to employ for craftsman, DIY enthusiast, hobbyist, fitter, angler. Simply unroll the ROLYKIT Toolbox and your materials will be there, well-organised and within reach. Just roll it back to close and the ROLYKIT system will completely seal every compartment, so that nothing will be jumbled.

The ROLYKIT Toolbox is available in 2 models:

  • S-11 with 11 segments
  • S-18 with 18 segments (holds also bigger tools)

    Private label and custom colors are available

    In the USA also in these bright kids colors






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